Friday, May 7, 2010

Make ME Over: Before and After Addition

Since I've had so many good sports willing to put their "before" pictures out there for the makeovers, I have decided to show you my before and after pictures from today.  For those of you new to this site, please check out some before pictures here, here, and here.

I started off slow today as far as getting ready, and when I looked in the mirror this afternoon, I knew I needed to go upstairs and get ready!  I also knew I didn't have much time before one of the boys woke up.

Five minutes later, voila!  I'm not trying to win the prize for cutest outfit here, just demonstrating that with just a few minutes we can put something together. I've had the shirt for a long time, and I'm not in love with it, especially my post baby body, but it's comfortable and does the trick.   I strongly believe that everyone in the house feels better and acts better when the Mom is dressed for the day. As I told you, I only had 5 minutes to do everything.  For me, my stay at home outfits are all about functionality.  I took the belt off as soon as the pictures were done being snapped.  I need my freedom!  
This week has been a busy week for a number of reasons (maybe it has something to do with all these giveaways, two cute little boys to manage, meals to prepare, and church responsibilities and activities).   Nothing makes me feel better than getting out of my sweats, bathrobe, or work clothes to look nice for at least part of my day.  I have a very, very, very busy two year old who can't be trusted alone, so I rarely have an opportunity to go upstairs and worry about my outfit in the morning.  As soon as I walk in the door from exercising in the morning I'm greeted with two hungry boys.  Usually I don't get "ready, ready" until my boys are down for naps.  I hate to say it, but I don't wear makeup at home unless I'm going somewhere or have gone somewhere.  I've noticed that when the weather is nice I usually want to look cuter then if it's windy...bad excuses!  
 I'm so tired right now, I'm hallucinating NO JOKE.  Night, night.  


Neralee said...

You look gorgeous, with or without make-up. And I'm seriously IN LOVE with your hair, it has the perfect curls!

Leslie said...

You're adorable . . . before and after!!! Love your hair! So perfect! And your outfit! And those red shoes!! (Where'd you get those!? LOVE!!)

Chelsea said...

Leslie, I got them at TJ Maxx!

tharker said...

I love it! You look gorgeous, and this color is divine on ya!

I am so not brave enough to put a before picture of myself for all to see. Maybe that's because I strongly resemble death w/out make-up.

Anonymous said...

you are a DOLL!! If I looked like you (no makeup even?!) I would SO post my picture!!!