Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 5 Make You Over Finalists

It is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce to you the Top 5 finalists of the 1st Make You Over makeover. The process was long and difficult for me. There were over 40 entries, and every single one of them was worthy of being chosen. I'm not just saying that either. Seriously, the competition was tight! I tried to pick a variety, and hopefully I did a good job. I don't plan on this being my last makeover at Make You Over (details to follow), so I hope everyone who didn't get picked will enter again! I truly appreciate everyone who "put themselves out there" to enter this, please know that each and every one of you is beautiful. If I had a million dollars, I would take care of all of you!

To see what the winner will receive, please go Here and a special thank you to the sponsors.

Okay, on to the TOP FIVE FINALISTS. These are the entries that were submitted by either themselves, a family member, or a friend.

1. Sarah
I would like to enter my mother, Sarah, for the makeover contest. She has been going to school full-time for almost 2 years at Columbia Basin College and is also a volunteer First Aid & CPR instructor for the Red Cross. In my opinon, she is in serious need of a makeover!

It's been years since she had her hair professionally done (she has my step-dad help her cover her greys with boxed dye once in a while) and right now it's a curly mess (she usually just puts it up in a clip). Her clothing size has changed and since she spends most of her time studying, she wears whatever she can find that fits (in these pictures she's wearing my step-dad's jeans). I think she is the perfect candidate for this makeover, especially now that she is at the end of earning her AA degree and is applying for the Physician's Assistants program.
Thank you for the chance!
Mary (oldest daughter of Sarah)

2. Amanda
I would like like to submit a co-worker of mine, Amanda, for this makeover contest. We both work for a non-profit agency in Tri-Cities, WA. The agency we work for is the Sexual Assault Response Center, or SARC. At SARC we work with victims of all crimes except Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence Services in Tri-Cities works with these victims. On a daily basis she works with victims of sexual and other violent crimes/traumas. We provide counseling services at no cost to victims who do not have insurance or cannot afford their insurance co-pay. She is consistently providing excellent service to our clients as well as ongoing support to the other advocates who work at this agency. In order to expand her training she has been receiving Clinical Supervision for the last three years. At the end of her supervision, she chose to take a National Licensing Exam in order to obtain her Licensure in Clinical Social Work. This week Amanda traveled to Spokane to take the four hour clinical boards test. She passed and is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an advancement from her Masters. Working for a non-profit agency, Amanda earns much less than she would being in private practice, yet she stays because of the love of working with Trauma survivors. She helps these individuals transition from Victim to Survivor.

Amanda is the mother of two wonderful boys and has managed to balance work, school, and family. In July 2009 she became engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, and they are planning to get married Jan 1, 2011. In preparation of the upcoming wedding, Amanda to date has lost 16 pounds and is working to lose an additional 10. Her clothes are beginning to get too baggy, and she is looking forward to trying on wedding dresses with her new body! She has been asking myself and other co-workers for advice on new and exciting clothing ideas lately and would like to expand her wardrobe to include up-to-date fashions.
I really hope you will consider my submission,
Dianna (co-worker to Amanda)

3. Heather
I need a makeover, like yesterday. I could give you a long list of reasons why I might deserve the make over {mother of 3, wife of one hard working husband who just went back to work after one long year of unemployment, really nice person *wink*wink*} all of which are true, but I'll just give you the sad, sad, facts:

~ When I walk into my closet it's downright depressing, like an I-should-just-staple-my-head-to-the-carpet-now kind of depressing. Currently, my closet holds the makings of a new t-shirt and jeans combo for every day of the week. So not exciting, or even remotely fashionable anymore.
~ I need the confidence to look in the mirror each morning, stare down my unruly-curl-crazed hair and know that I can be victorious!
~ I am almost 30. It might be a little late but I want coach to take me off the bench and put me in the game! The make-up game. There's got to be more to it than slapping on some mascara 28 seconds before I rush out the door, right? I thought so.
~ I have a good smile. I'd like to show it off a little more without feeling like everyone is trying to figure out which category they'd actually put my non-white teeth into.
~ I can't even remember the last time I actually purchased new handbag or pair of shoes that weren't from the clearance rack at the local discount store.

Convinced yet? I'll keep my fingers crossed because my escape from this frumpalicious funk isn't happening on it's own.

4. Tara
Why My Daughter Deserves a Makeover: Tara is my boomerang daughter who just returned from Seattle with a Master’s in Piano Performance. She is a sweet and beautiful girl. But does she have a clue when it comes to dressing herself? This is the girl who was denied at the regional piano competition in Portland for playing Prokoviev’s “Diabolical Suggestion” in a prim pink twinset with black slacks. A sleek scarlet dress would have cinched her win. Here she is 5’ 11” tall, curvy and gorgeous, yet she doesn’t understand the connection between dress and success. She’s trying to build up a piano school, she’s looking for musical gigs in the area, and she’s an aspiring author who just may run into a book agent or do a book tour some day. But in those sweats? Give me a break!!!! Right now she truly looks the part of the starving artist. (Well, maybe not exactly starving, but penniless when it comes to new clothes.)
Thanks for considering my girl!
Liz (mother of Tara)
5. Sheri
Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Sheri and I’m 47 years old. I know I’m supposed to tell you why I deserved a makeover. Well, I can’t do that because I don’t deserve it. There are a lot of other people out there who do and it won’t hurt my feelings a bit when they win. I just thought that a makeover would be something that could really make me feel better about myself. I figured it couldn’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring.

I would like a makeover because I’m invisible. I go to a store, wait my turn, and the clerk will then offer to help the person behind me; skipping me all together. Same thing happens in restaurants, at church at the bank and other public places. It’s as if I’m not there. In recent months I decided to try to be noticed. I got a bold haircut and had it colored and highlighted. I actually did get a little attention for a short time but it wore off quickly and I can’t really afford to keep doing the coloring. I still have a pretty decent haircut though and, while it was short lived; I really liked not being ignored. Though I’m in my upper 40’s I still have bad, teenager skin; it’s very embarrassing. It would be nice to be able to speak with one of the folks doing the makeover about what might help or at least learn tricks to covering up the bad spots. I also have very yellow teeth and the idea of whitening them really appeals to me! I think white teeth alone would be enough to boost my confidence. I just want to make a few changes but lack the $ to get the ball rolling. If I could get a makeover, that would really jump start the process.


In order to keep this fair, all votes need to be emailed to Please put the name of the person you are voting for in the subject line, and that's it.

Only one vote per person. Please don't abuse the system (I don't have time for that people). The voting will stay open until midnight PST March 30th. The winner will be announced the morning of March 31 here at Make You Over.

You can watch me tomorrow morning on Good Morning Northwest (KVEW TV), sometime between 6:15 and 6:45 am, where I will be talking about the top 5 finalists.

I have created a Facebook Fan Page for Make You Over, so make sure to become a fan.

Good luck everyone! Let the voting begin.


Roxy Heart Vintage said...

Chelsea, you're amazing!! I love it! Good job and good luck. The purse came in and it is sooooo cute! I will be coming up this weekend for Easter and I will bring it by. Let me know if you need anything else. Can't wait for all of this!

Candice said...

This is the coolest blog I have ever seen. I am going to tell everyone I know to check it out. Great job!

charith said...

Love it Chelsea! Go, Heather!!