Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Makeover Top 5 Finalists

Without any further ado, I present to you the Mother's Day Make You Over Top 5 finalists. Once again, it was an extremely tough decision to narrow down all of the entries (see the bottom page for an explanation). Voting rules can also be found at the end of this entry. Below are the entries that were submitted by family members or friends.  Please see who the SPONSORS are because without them, this would not be possible!  
I would like to nominate an incredibly amazing woman, my hero and an example of true womanhood, my mother Trudy. She is the mother of 12 children, ages 33-12, and the grandmother of 13, ages 7 years to 0 months. Over 30 years ago, Trudy took a break from pursuing her college education and dedicated her life to raising her family as a stay-at-home mom. To date she has raised: 7 college graduates, including 4 Masters Degrees; 4 mothers, 2 fathers; 6 missionaries; and 2 Hanford High School ASB Executive Council Presidents and three children still at home. Throughout her life she has been an active participant in Parent Teacher Organizations, her church, and the Boy Scouts of America. 5 years ago she began working part time in medical billing. Feeling that it is finally time for her to finish her own education, Trudy has been exploring her options and defining her dreams for the future. A recent graduate of Columbia Basin College’s 6 week Don’t Quit Workshop, Trudy has undergone a makeover on the inside as she has been gaining self-confidence, clarifying her vision of who she wants to become and making definite plans to finish her own education. I would love for her to win a makeover on the outside to complete her transformation as shebegins the next chapter of her life’s story.


I would like to enter my sister Melanie for this makeover. This nomination is not made because she needs it but because she deserves it for being such an amazing Nurse, Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend! She has worked at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland as a nurse, RN BSN, for 12 yrs in Labor & Delivery and then received a promotion to Maternal Child Services Coordinator in 2007. This position oversees Labor & Delivery along with NICU and Pediatrics. She is always on the go with work, attending her daughters sporting events, attending the sporting events of her nieces and nephews, and this year even coached her daughters Basketball team. She still has time to enjoy a day of fishing with her husband and kids. Added to all this her and her husband took in 2 foster boys, ages 2 & 4, almost a year ago and they are working toward adoption. This just goes to show a minute part of what a great person she is, always wanting to help others.

Her daughter , the day after her 4th birthday, was diagnosed with Leukemia. I can't even imagine that being one of my children. What a tough thing to go through, but my sister was always so reassuring! Even when her daughter was in a medically induced coma for 14 days and they had to spend 5 weeks at Sacred Heart before she was released to go home, only to have to travel back to Spokane weekly for a year for treatments and then monthly for the next little over a year. Melanie did this traveling faithfully, NEVER complaining but knowing it had to be done and so she did it, the majority of the time traveling alone with Lauren because her husband had to work and they both couldn't take all the time off. Melanie was able to juggle all this and still maintain her position at the hospital. I am happy to say she is now happy, healthy & cancer free and just celebrated her 9th Birthday! I really don't know what else to say about what an amazing person Melanie is but I am very happy to call her MY SISTER!!

My wife, Rischel, is the most wonderful person I know. She has taken all of her time, talents and love and dedicated them to her children and family. I feel guilty when I come home to a hero’s welcome every night, because I know that she is the true hero of our house. She is a person who could receive all of the worldly accolades for her talents but has chosen, instead to be the cheering section for unlimited numbers of talent shows and preschool art exhibitions. I try to tell her that I love her and appreciate everything she does, but this would be the ultimate manifestation of our appreciation for her. This year she will be turning 30, and I can still see the hottie that I married but I know that she would like to jump into her 30’s with a new look. Please make Rischel the winner of your makeover sweepstakes.

I’d like to enter my friend, Marci. She is a wonderful mother, wife, and friend. Marci and her husband have 3 children ages 6 and under. Just over a year ago Marci was diagnosed with breast cancer (in her mid-30s!) and underwent chemotherapy and radiation; she underwent mastectomies on both sides.  She endured the hard treatments that would make her sick for many days following and sap her of all her energy. Thankfully she has many supportive family and friends that helped and prayed with her family. During this trial Marci clung to her faith that our Creator was in control of her life and she continues to surrender her life to Him.

In the past few months life is getting back to normal and they are moving on. Her hair has grown back to a length where it can have some style, and I think she would be so blessed by some pampering. Marci is a leader and gives of herself to many other moms in her large MOPS group, and has impacted many lives, including mine, in ways she does not even know. Even now she continues to give as she is currently raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk in May. I just appreciate her so much and I think this would be a great way to let her know how loved she is. Thanks for this amazing opportunity you are offering to all these hard-working mothers!
Lisa isn't MY mother.
But she inspires me like no other.

She's actually married to one of my cousins
and she eats bowls of oatmeal by the dozens. [current count 61! ]

But what makes her special is what's in her heart,
more love and compassion than could fill a shopping cart.

She dotes on her daughters as well as her hubby,
she fills their home with music making sure it's not grubby.

Above all she looks after their angel daughter Elisabeth,
who came to this earth with special trials, she beareth.

Hard days filled with seizures and trials and heartaches,
Lisa looks for the good and not a day she forsakes.

She uplifts and inspires all those who know her,
and deserves to be pampered with glitz and with glamour.

Now that was just a silly poem I made up, but I think it captures the whimsy and the over-all-adorableness that is Lisa. She makes me smile every day as I read her blog and peek into her world. She inspires me to look for the good in life, even amidst hard days. Although there are countless doctors appointments and emergency room visits and therapy sessions, Lisa strives to better herself, create special memories for her daughters, and to make Elisabeth's very difficult life as comfortable and happy as possible.
Two year old Elisabeth was born with Hydrocephalus and among other medical issues has Epilepsy. Despite the daily struggles, every time I see Lisa, she has a smile on her face, and every time I speak with her on the phone she has a song in her voice. She is a true Pollyanna. And I love her for it. Lisa is an amazing example of motherhood as she shares the joy of raising children. She refuses to dwell on what's wrong and instead focuses on what is right and beautiful. Her optimism is simply astounding, and I hope she wins the chance to be treated extra special and pampered because she CERTAINLY deserves it.

My lovely friend Lindsay was able to help me find a poll that blocked people from voting more then once. I would really appreciate if people kept this fair because poll voting is much easier for me then having everyone email me. If I notice that people are abusing the system (not sure if it's a possibility, but covering my bases), I will delete all results and go back to the email voting. Don't test me! Let the voting begin! Voting will stay open until Friday April 30th at midnight (Poll can be found on sidebar) There is also a "share this" option.

Some of you may be wondering why your entry didn't make it in when someone else's did. Let me just tell you, I don't have an exact science when choosing, but I try to pick a variety of situations and people. I appreciate everyone's heart felt stories, and wish that I could do something for every one of you amazing women. Thanks again for taking the time to enter!


Paula said...

awesome! I am glad you found a poll to do all the work for you. It was a tough choice!

Lisa said...

O happy day!

Jenn said...

I had a hard time picking one, I can't imagine narrowing down the contestants. Good luck to all the ladies!

LKP said...

got my pick! this is a fab way of giving back to some amazing women. i love it! =)

Ellen said...

WOW This is amazing that you could narrow such deserving candidates down. I have no idea how many ladies out there should also have been in the finals, I only know it was a hard choice to make out of only 5. My congratulations to all who were nominated because your must surely all deserve the Royal Treatment.

Jennifer said...

can't wait to see who wins and the fabulous end results!

Charlene Hardy said...

Really wishing I could vote for all of them after reading the stories. Thank you for doing this and opening my eyes, to how many wonderful mothers there are!!!

Amy said...

AHH!! I know and love Marci AND Lisa! How am I supposed to choose??

Tami said...

Rischel is the bombshell. She should win for sure. She deserves it!!!

Katie said...

I realize that you need to keep this fair, but if it comes down to a tie, or not..I feel the need to tell you about my friend, Lisa.

I have never "met" Lisa. In the proper way of "face to face" that is. But I have "known" Lisa for 17 months. I have followed her blog, and she, when she can, mine. What I find SO unique about Lisa...her honesty.
Her ability to love and matter who or where you are in your journey. Lisa has helped me grow on my journey as a mother of a special needs child. Lisa has helped open my eyes to the WONDERFUL possibilities and LIFE that our children have. Lisa has GIVEN me such HOPE when I was in my darkest days. Although I am unaware if I will ever meet her, I feel a connection to her. I think she is an amazing woman who needs spoiling. I think she is a woman with great taste, but puts her family first and can get left out. I think Lisa radiates energy, love, passion, compassion, heart, soul, grace, and poise. I am amazed by her strength. She inspires me to be a better mother, and most of all a better woman. I hope she gets her day of pampering!