Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clothing Sale!

I will be having a clothing sale this weekend on April 29th and 30th, starting at 8 am both days. There will be blazers, jackets, dresses, dress slacks, purses, belts, jeans, casual pants, dress coats, capris, skirts, blouses.  Sizes small, medium, 4,6 or 8.  Shoes are 8.5 (only a few pair of shoes).  I will also have some accessories too.

Prices will range from 2 to 15 dollars, although I won't have much in the $2 range.  Whatever doesn't sell, I will be taking to consignment or selling online, so prices aren't negotiable.  Mostly everything is in really good shape and worn when I was working full time and didn't have children.  My house won't be available for trying items on, so if you need to try things on, it will have to be done outside.    

Banana Republic
Max Studio
Ann Taylor
London Times
Michael Kors

There will also be a garage sale going on at my house, so come early to get a good selection!  There will be lots of furniture, home decor items, household items, as well as tons of other things.  Come on Friday morning to get the best selection!

Address: 7915 Madeira Dr., Pasco


Dani W said...

Hey! I live in NY but am from TC and was wondering if you wanted to shoot me an email with some pics ... Im on a mission for post baby clothes and you are my size! :)


Monica said...

What kind of furniture and home decor items are you planning to sell? I'm looking for quite a few things so you can expect me nice and early.

longview said...
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Avey said...

I'm sad that I live so far away, or I'd be your first customer :o)

Troy and Jana Withers said...

Dang! so sad I missed it, I would love to go through your clothes! :) Hey my dad said he's gets to go to your ward sometimes.. And we just moved back to washington crazy, it was a whirlwind but so good. Hope things are well.

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