Thursday, October 7, 2010

Outfit Details

So I've gotten some emails and comments asking about outfit details.  I'm actually a little embarrassed to tell you how much stuff costs because usually I'm able to find things for much cheaper but since the only things on clearance right now are summer clothes, I had to spend "full price" on most of the items except for jewelery, however, I got all of the clothes at either TJ Maxx or Target, so they were still very reasonable. Plus, I had very little time to go shopping, so all of these items were purchased in a 3 hour time period. I need to put a disclaimer in here that I normally won't be able to buy all of the makeover winners this many items (does that mean I'm planning on doing this again? ha).  I sacrificed a few things because I wanted Genny to have a little bit more.  Okay, here are the details.    

Outfit 1:
Bomber Jacket (Target)-$34.99
Ruffle Peach Shirt (Target/Sale)-$10
Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (Target)-$24.99
Boots (Target)-$29.99
Necklace (Target/Clearance)-$9
Earrings (Target-Clearance)-$3.34

Outfit 2:
Military Jacket (Target)-$24.99
Striped Shirt (TJ Maxx)-$12.99
Black Belt (Target)-$16?
Earrings (set of 3) (Target/Clearance)-$3.24
Necklace (Clearance Target)-$3.24
Black Boots (Target)-$29.99

Outfit 3:
Taylor Dress with flower pin (TJ Maxx)-$49.99...ouch
Slip (Target)-$10...Genny had never even heard of slip
Blue Tights (set of 3 with two black tights) (TJ Maxx)-$9
Black reversible belt (Target)-$12.99...I think
Purple zipper shoes (Target)-$19.99....they are so cute!

Outfit 4:
Wool Coat (TJ Maxx)-$70...double ouch
Scarf (TJ Maxx)-$12.99


Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...

what is slip?

Chelsea said...

a slip is a silky undergarment you wear under your dress or skirt.

Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...

lol. A slip. yeah, I've worn those before. :) the way you worded it, i thought it was a brand or something...
k..i'm a nerd.

Chelsea said...

Hahah, Katie, no worries. Genny didn't know what it was so I thought maybe you didn't either. By the way, cute blog!