Friday, October 15, 2010

Feedback Pretty Please

I have been asked to teach a class to the women of my church next week on clothing and accessories.  If you were going to a clothing and accessories class like this, what would you want to learn?  What are the "issues" that you have with your look, wardrobe, shopping experiences, etc.  The class will NOT be a lecture, but rather a class for women to feel empowered to dress their best self.  I already have an outline of what I will be addressing, but I need to know if I'm in line with what other women want to learn about, or what some of the main issues are.  Please help me out!  I promise to share what I will be teaching once my class is over, but until then, let's hear some input!  You can even do it anonymously. 

I'm pretty sure this dress from Anthropologie has my name written all over it.  However, the only way this dress would ever make it into my closet is if money was no object because I could never pay $248 for a dress.  I'll just dream about it though because really this dress is so dreamy. 


Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...

I want to know step by step HOW to build a great literal examples. I have all the basics. A cardigan in every color. And outfits are boring. what am I missing?

Another thing is how to dress a REAL body. Websites about "pear shapes" show photos of girls with tiny waists and great tan legs like jennifer lopez..but for real..if I'm on the site looking for help, its not because I look like JLo. I want to know how to makemy "pear shaped" splotchy red and bruised big ankles look great in a skirt.

I want to know how to best disguise the rolls left by my last baby.

I want to know what colors look best on me.

How do you know what width/color of belt you need for the outfit?

How do you know what necklace goes with the outfit? Long, choker, baubles or chain??

Wow. As you can see theres a lot I want to learn about this topic. Can't wait to learn what you taught!

PS...small world note: my sister is Nancie Mathews, married to Mitch. You know em?

Azúcar said...

That fit is important. Some women (at least in our culture) tend to buy things that are bigger and baggier than they are in an effort to not have something immodest. Tailoring is not immodest. There's a flattering medium between baggy and skin-tight.

tharker said...

Very well said, Azucar! I'm a huge believer that buying clothes that fit well make the biggest difference in how you feel in them.

I'm so excited for your class!!

I think that dress was made just for you, but I too could never, ever justify paying that much for a dress. Maybe you could find something similar for less.

Ooh, that's it! You should include in your class how to get "the look" for less. You know, Chanel taste on a Target budget...or something like that :)

Paula -- CutieFruity said...

you should do classes like this more often and charge a flat fee for a group, or a per person entrance fee. I know you are probably doing this one as a service, but women outside the church need this, too!

Lyssa said...

Also, that money should never be an excuse to dress less stylish or haggardly. Even on a tight budget, you can still dress appropriete, stylish and tailored. You just have to have the right mindset and tools (right stores!)

janica said...

I second everything that katie said!

Anonymous said...

Dressing for your shape (apple, pear, board), what styles are most flattering for different body shapes.

I also think most women (myself included) are intimated by accessories. We see them and think they are adorable but really don't know what to do with them.

And maybe something about dressing up just to go the store. I'm so tired of seeing women in pajamas at Target! It really speaks volumes about them when they don't take care to present themselves well, even if it is just to go to the store, take kids to school, etc. All mothers are busy, but I think they would agree they feel better about themselves if they take a few extra minutes to clean up. :-)

Tiffany said...

I think one thing I struggle with is just getting motivated to wear cute clothes when I know most days the only people that will see me are my kids (and they don't care what I look like).

So maybe talk about really easy, comfortable looks that don't involve tons of layering or pieces.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know much about bra fitting, but I would like to know the best bra to get. I usually just get the cheapest @ walmart. Does it matter?

whitney said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto Katie's post. I think a lot of women really want to know how to dress *their* bodies.

What colors look best are always super-fun too.

tharker said...

I second anonymous' comment about properly fitted bras. A well fitting bra can make you look like you've lost 10 pounds! Not to mention the wonders it does for those of us who've had children ;)

I think it's worth it to shell out a bit more for a good bra. Wal-Mart just doesn't cut it. My personal favorite is the Le Mystere bra (Nordstrom' the do the best fittings). It is pricey ($70) but completely worth every penny in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What type of body I am and how to dress for it. Also, what styles may or may not be age appropriate! How to incorporate the "new" trends into my already existing wardrobe, without changing it completely or spending a lot. And how to add accessories without over doing it!

SWIRL said...

I am desperate to learn "How to dress AGE Appropriate"...
I mean- teenagers are dressing more mature now... and I am reaching my 40's... but I still love the current fashions... but don't want to look like-- I am trying to fit in with the 20 year olds.
You know what I mean?
And I feel young-- I don't want to look like a grandma yet either.
Such a dilema!

Meghann said...

Hey, guess what? The yellow dress you want (pictured above) is half off right now. Bingo.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how to look cute on a super budget - as in, what are the 2-3 items I can buy to make a difference in my wardrobe. I love the outfits you choose, but even though you don't spend a lot on them, it's still out of my price range to go out and buy 4-5 all new outifts. I want to know which shirts, pants, and shoes will actually make a difference. Hope that makes sense!

k8theriver said...

i have no idea how to accessorize--coordinating belt, shoes, earrings, necklace, etc. so i just avoid jewelry.
wish i could come to the class.

Shannon Abbott said...

I found your blog in a search for the same thing. I was asked to speak to the young women in my church about fashion. I was trying to put together a list of blogs that they could reference to about fashion. I like what your blog is all about and I will continue to follow it.