Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maternity Wardrobe by Guest Blogger: Miggy

After gradating from college I worked for a tech-company in Utah.  On my first day of work, I immediately knew who the "cool girl" was.  She had her own style and her own opinions.  I was the new girl so I observed at a distance, but I immediately knew that Miggy (her blogging name), was someone I wanted to get to know.  Luckily for me we were roommates on my first business trip to Chicago and have been friends every since.  Miggy is expecting their second little girl who will be joining their family in a couple of months.  Miggy recently shared with us that their sweet little baby will be born with some major health issues.  I won't go in to the details here, but if you want to read some faith promoting stories, follow their journey.  In the face of adversity Miggy is staying strong, moving on with everyday life, and finding faith amidst uncertainty.  Also check out her adorable Etsy Shop where she sells her wares.  I asked Miggy to share her maternity styles with my readers because I knew she'd have lots of great advice and looks!  She is the queen of re-purposing old clothes, and taking something from drab to fab. Take it away Miggy...     

So happy to be sharing some of my maternity style tips on Make You Over today!  Although I'm no expert I think I've got a few tricks up my sleeve... especially the second time around.  During my first pregnancy I felt like my main problem was that I got really, really super sick of my wardrobe by month 7.  By month 9 I was ready to join a nudist colony just to avoid clothes altogether.  No one really wants to spend a lot on maternity clothes, especially at the end when it's almost over but you seem to be craving something new and fresh the most.  You also don't want to go around feeling not-cute for 9 months either.  This time around I've learned how to stretch my wardrobe a little more and so far I'm not too sick of anything...yet.  Additionally I think it's always tricky to keep your personal style in tact while you're at the mercy of the maternity designer gods--again I think I've managed to keep my personal sense of style in tact a little better this time around.  While this may not work for everyone, here's are some tips that have been working for me. 

1.  Wear your non-maternity clothes as long as possible.
I know this is obvious, but as a first time preggers, I was perhaps a little overly excited to start wearing my new clothes before I probably really needed to.  In retrospect I wish I would have realized that yes I'm excited to be pregnant, but my chance to wear everything I've purchased will come.  Again and again and again.  So chill out.  {I said to myself...not to you.}  

2.  Shop non-maternity.  
Almost all of my current tops that I'm still wearing in month 7 are non-maternity...but they work.  Luckily tunics and flowy/baggy shirts are plenty in might as well wear and shop for things that won't necessarily have to be put away once baby comes.  Or hopefully, as in my case, you already have a lot of these shirts in your closet and can make due with what you already have.  Again this stretches the wardrobe and ensures you can wear clothes you like, not just clothes you have to wear because your prego.  {Of course be aware that if you only have a few shirts that fit you by the end, you may never want to wear them again anyway since they'll always remind you of being huge and uncomfortable.}  Some of the places I've found my favorite tunics and flowy tops are J. Crew, Forever 21, and Anthropologie.

3.  Belt it.
On the heels of my previous advice of wearing non-maternity, baggy shirts I'm going to tell you that an easy and quick way to add some style and still accentuate your 'waist' is to belt it.  Of course it's not really your waist, but by belting above your cute preggers belly you give yourself some shape AND you let people know yes, I'm pregnant.  I like this tip particularly for that phase where people aren't sure if you've just gained weight, or if you're really pregnant--this definitely lets people know you're expecting.  
4.  Tank tops and cardigans.
So one of my best investments in this pregnancy has been in maternity tank tops from Old Navy.  I pretty much wear one every day.  The nice thing is that their maternity tanks are cut a little higher around the neck {which is nice since the girls aren't getting any smaller these days} and of course extra long.  And if you wear your regular cardigans--even lightweight, short sleeve cardigans in the summer--you can wear this look again and again.  And I like the fact that when I go shopping I can look for cardigans and know I can wear them now and later. 

5.  Do alterations.  
I had 2 pair of jeans from my previous pregnancy that I really liked....but 3 years later, I preferred a different fit.  So I altered them myself and took them from flared to skinny.  It worked great and once again I have jeans I really enjoy, but I didn't have to go back out and shop for a new pair.  Of course this is a try-it-at-your-own-risk sort of thing.  I already had experience doing this with some regular jeans, and felt comfortable doing it again...check out a skinny jean tutorial here.

6.  Beware of the grandpa-pulled-my-pants-up-to-me-armpits look. 
Now about those jeans...I love them.  And I personally love the full panel when it comes to jeans.  I do have some pants this time around that go below my waist, but in my experience when it comes to those later months the maternity jeans below my waist just aren't that comfy.  BUT, when I wear those jeans and say a tank top, I need to wear at least 2 tank tops or you can clearly see the WIDE panel that goes up so high I can tuck in my bra.  Yes, super comfy, but super tacky if you're not careful.  So be careful.  

7.  Borrow.  
I finally borrowed clothes from other girlfriends this time around.  Again something I should have done during pregnancy number 1, but didn't.  Just call your mommy-but-not-currently-prego girlfriends and borrow away...I'm sure most of them will be happy to lend a shirt or 2.  This extends your maternity wardrobe just that much more.  And you didn't spend a dime.

I hope that helps a little and I'd love to hear some other tips as well!  What are your tips for looking your best during those crazy prego months?  


deb said...

Amen! Great preggy style tips. Belts and cardigans, for sure! There are 2 more things that got me through...

1. Knit dresses. As seasons change, add/remove leggings or tights. The dresses can easily be dressed up or down, transitioning well between work, church and casual days. Most importantly, they are SO comfortable and I still felt pretty.

2. Belly bands. These are so great as you grow into pregnancy and as you shrink down back out of it!

You look amazing!!

Likely said...

I second the whole wear your regular clothes as long as you can --- I am in month four and haven't busted out the maternity yet and can still get away with regular for a while. I am stretching that out further and further each pregnancy. Also, when I am not pregnant I look for dresses and skirts that will cross over well.

That being said I completely agree with Deb. I LIVE in dresses and skirts during pregnancy. I really hate hate hate maternity pants. I am happy you like the full panel, I can't stand it. at all! I wish I could. I just wear skirt afer skirt after dress after dress....elastic banded waists. So much cooler too, I have been pregnant during three hot, humid summers now.

I love the belting idea too. I just made myself some fabric belts for my dresses.... it looks really cute.

thanks for this, perfect timing for me!

Madeline P said...

Love the tips. I have been a fan of belting above the bump for awhile, I think it's so fantastic.

But all your tips are great. Seriously.

Great post!

Meredith said...

This is brilliant! This is my first pregnancy and I'm totally guessing at what I'm supposed to do for clothes.

I just bought a belly band and it's wonderful! So much more comfy than I expected!

Thanks so much for the tips!

Anne Nichols said...

Thanks so much for these tips! It came at just the right time for me as I'm almost 4 months pregnant and have a breakdown every time I have to get dressed. This is my second pregnancy, but unfortunately I was a lot heavier during my first pregnancy, so all my maternity clothes are too big. I've altered some pieces, but it's nice to know I don't just have to shop at all those expensive maternity stores and boutiques.

One tip I have is instead of forking over the $15-25 for a belly band, just make your own! Take an old pair of leggings, cut the legs off, and bring in the side seams a bit for a snug fit. It works really well and I've found that my homemade one has been more comfy and hasn't fallen apart like my belly band did.

Thanks again!

JLea said...

Love your tips... I'm totally at that point in my pregnancy where I can only wear 5 things... So I'm glad to have more options. Btw you look great!

Deana Pearse said...

@Deb: I agree, knitted dresses are very comfy during winter as they keep the preggers warm. Belly bands provide great support both in abdomen and back part, so pains will become lesser and yes, you can still wear 'em after giving birth. Make sure to find those that are cotton-made. Cheers, ladies!