Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slimming Looks

If you are like me, you try and find clothes that make you look the skinniest.  That is a hard thing to do in the low-rise pants era (muffin top).  I have put together a few style boards of slimming looks.
nude color shoes
I saw on Oprah this week that a nude shoe is one of the top 10 essential items every woman should own because it automatically makes you look skinnier because it doesn't break up your leg.  I better go buy some!

skinny jeans
The skinny jeans shown here are all either mid-rise or high-rise.  I am not a fan of low rise, but unfortunately that's about all I've got, so I'm forced to wear a belt with all my pants, and then the belt that I actually want to wear on top of my shirt.  Does that make sense?  This week my sister tried on my skinny jeans and commented that she lost 10 pounds by just trying them on!  

Slimming Tops
I love a belted shirt, especially a long belted shirt.  I like having length on my shirts and not having to tug and pull them down to cover my low rise pants (remind me why low rise are the norm again?).  I also love anything that shows off my waist line (even when I don't have much of one to show).

pencil skirt
I LOVE pencil skirts. They look great paired with a blazer, cardigan, blouse, tucked in shirt. Everyone should own one basic pencil skirt.


tharker said...

Love your style, Chelsea!

I swore I would never wear skinny jeans...until a few months ago that is ;) I found the perfect pair! (though I do wish the waist was a bit higher. i hate the muffin top!)

I have one good pencil skirt. It's just a basic black one, but oh how I love it.

Paula said...

I just took in the legs of one of my pairs of jeans that were really tight up top to make them just as tight on the bottom. I love them, but I don't have any of these belted tops to go with them and make them look good. Also, pencil skirts look so dang uncomfortable. And I'm not sure I could wear a belt on my true waist all day, either. That would about drive me crazy.

Karrie@Fistfulofcoupons said...

Where is the best place to get them skinny jeans?

Oh, and dont you need to be skinny to wear them? (rats!)

Renee said...

I used to think I couldn't wear skinny jeans because i've got hips (i'm a pear-shaped girl) and a butt and i thought they'd look like "whoa" in skinnies, but i bought some on sale at H&M and i LOVE them! they look so cute with looser tops, and I have some in a dark rinse, so chic =)