Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Father's Day Makeover: Make Over Your Man!

I love Oprah's Makeover My Man series, and so I'm bringing it to Make You Over.  I'm no Oprah, but I think my makeovers could rival hers any day.  Don't you? 

I am now accepting makeover applications for my Father's Day Makeover.  Please send your entries to  This is going to be a fun makeover, trust me.  This is unlike my Mother's Day makeover because I am looking for the dad or husband that NEEDS this the most!  Let's have fun with this.  I will even let you submit someone if you are not their child or spouse.  Does your husband, dad, uncle, friend or coworker wear clothes that are not work appropriate, does he not know how to dress when you go on a date, do you wish you could get rid of those ugly pleated khakies that he just loves, has it been years since you've seen his face because he's hiding underneath a beard or mustache?  Well then sign him up!  Please include a picture, a 500 word essay on why your man needs this makeover, phone number, age, and current city.  All applicants must live in, or near Tri-Cities, WA. You must ask permission before entering someone, and they have to agree to let the Make You Over team make them over!   

  • Accepting applications starting today, May 26th until Monday May 31st
  • Voting will take place June 1st through June 6th
  • Winner will be announced on Monday June 7th
  • Makeover will be Thursday June 24th in Tri-Cities, WA
I will be getting a sponsor post together by the end of the day and will add it on to this post, but for now, just know that I've got some great sponsors lined up!  The makeover will include teeth whitening, new outfit, facial, haircut/color, photo shoot which includes digital files, a full day tandem kayak rental, and a few more things which are being ironed out.  

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Teri said...

What ever happened to your Uncle Ben's make-over?