Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Note From Sarah......

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week! This has been the absolute best journey I have ever experienced! Not even my family recognized the final look. I am being called a model and a queen.

First and foremost I must thank Chelsea for this adventure. She is dynamite and would honor anyone with just her presence let alone the determination and love she exudes. I was a tough cookie to crumble, but she stuck to her goal and dressed me like a million bucks. Now just walking into any public place I am almost overwhelmed with strangers complimenting my outfit. This was not anything the ‘old’ me would have ever experienced.

And the teeth whitening…Dr. Christian at Riverstone Dental in Richland took my smile on as a personal challenge. For most of my life my teeth have been a, let’s say, bit yucky. A friend once said that I had a ‘groovy’ smile. Well now I have the proudest, most confident smile! A real smile! I spent many hours in the dentist chair and was totally comfortable. His assistants are awesome. Now seriously, have you ever wanted to go to the dentist? Yep, this is the place to be for all your dental needs.

Have you ever experienced a day spa? Want to feel like the most important person in the world? This is the most relaxing way to spend any day of the week. Oh, pampering at its finest! The gals at Eden Crest Day Spa, just across the street from WinCo in Richland, are so kind and loving. The intense facial, a pedicure and teaching me more than I ever knew about myself while easing me through this change of appearance was so wonderful…more wonderful than you can imagine– unless of course you treat yourself or a loved one to this experience.

And with my new perfect look I then went on a date with my dear husband. Cameo Heights Mansion, a bed and breakfast, overlooking the Walla Walla River just outside Touchet, is the most romantic place to spend time away from everyday life. The rooms are extraordinaire and the chef is award winning! I am a prime rib connoisseur and here is where you will get the best piece of meat ever. Go for just a relaxing dinner or spend the night or longer. If nothing else go for dessert and a tour. The lemon cheesecake is out of this world. Oh they took such good care of our every need.

Thank you so much to the other generous supporters of this magical day: Roxy Heart Vintage, Shade Clothing, Conover Insurance, Lybbert Real Estate, and KVEW Good Morning Northwest. Without these fine sponsors I certainly wouldn’t have looked like a million bucks.

So how to best save and share all these memories? Meg with all her style and finesse from Photography By Meg makes a photo shoot so fun! As you can see, she can also create beauty from everywhere. Amazing……

Thank you so much for everything, Chelsea, and all you who voted to see just what could be done with my mass of unruly hair. You succeeded, I am tamed!


tharker said...

Dear Sarah,

I am beyond happy for you. Not only do you look absolutely beautiful, but it is easy to see what a beautiful person you are on the inside.

I LOVE seeing the confidence in your new smile! I too know how it feels to have "yucky" teeth and to feel so self conscious of them. My teeth were crooked and less than white until I was 28 years old. I finally was able to get braces, and got them off shortly before my 30th birthday. It was amazing to me how much I WANTED to smile after getting those braces off.

Enjoy your new look!

Alysia & Bryce said...

WOW amazing. Good job Chelsea. She looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Excellent Job Chelsea!!! I knew this thing would be a fun and exciting experience for both you. I am ready for a new makeover to get started. Let see what else you can do that is so wonderful as this!

brent and kashann said...

We all think she is so beautiful. It really emphasizes the fact that we are all beautiful. This is such a great thing you are doing. And so much fun too for us to follow. GOOD JOB!

Marilyn said...


It's been fun to follow your journey and to see your beauty shine. Inside AND out!

Thanks for being a willing participant and allowing us all to watch. It's been inspiring.

Sara said...

WOW!! I love the pictures, they tell a thousand words. Sarah you are beautiful!!!!