Thursday, April 8, 2010

Image Consulting Client

Right now I'm working with a client named Ben who contacted me last week about doing some image consulting after seeing the Make You Over blog. This client has come to a crossroads, and is looking for a fresh start. Last week we met for a couple of hours in my home to discuss ways in which he could improve his business, his health, and his wardrobe. We set goals, discussed problem areas, and then went shopping. I determined that his main problem was NOT being focused.  So focus is the theme I've chosen for him.  Ben is a business owner and will be marketing some products he's developed. For the past 5 or so years he has been deeply involved with inventing and perfecting his products. Now that this stage is over, it is time to market these products to other businesses. To say he was in need of a fashion overhaul is an understatement. We started off slow, getting him a couple of nice dress shirts and working with items he already had in his wardrobe. Ben has started an exercise program, and as soon as he's lost the weight that he's working towards, we are going to go shopping again to complete his look.

As I said, my main goal is to help him focus!!! His personality is such that he has many things going on at once. He has been having a difficult time sleeping, which has been effecting every other part of his day. We set goals to help him focus on the most important aspects of his business. One Ben's problems was that he was wearing his "work clothes" all day, every day. I told him it was time to look like the business professional that he is. In order to successfully market his products, he needs to look the part. I'm pretty sure what he showed up wearing to my house, was not "looking the part." No, this picture was NOT staged. He actually got this coat off of a bum that he was helping out. The ambulance had to haul him off, and left him with the coat. I hope that coat has made its way to the trash!!! He had just returned from meeting with a potential customer.....big no, no!

Even though Ben works from home, I asked him to get dressed every day like he's going to the office. In order to be taken seriously you first need to take yourself seriously. This was not an easy thing to convince him to do, actually nothing was easy to convince him to do! Ben has said that dressing nice has already made a huge difference for him. We are communicating every couple of days so that he can report on progress, and problems that he has run in to.

I received this feedback from Ben via email: (I have permission to share)

I have to thank you for the turnaround advice and motivation you have provided lately. As an inventor, I’m a freethinker and brain stormer but not too structured. I was not getting enough sleep, stressing out, working too many different projects and not being effective at any of them and not approaching them with the right attitude. I wasn’t even dressing up right for the work I was doing. The last week has been a major turnaround and I’m excited about the things that are happening in my life and work. Thanks!

My client has agreed to let me showcase his progress on the Make You Over blog. Please join us over the next few months as we take this guy from DRAB TO FAB!  Not only in his professional life, but in his personal life.  

I'm hoping in the very near future to offer consulting to my Make You Over readers.  Whether you need help with your image, your wardrobe, or your style.  This will NOT exclude people who don't live in my area as I'm trying to figure out how to do some e-consulting.  I have some great ideas!!!  Please email me at if you are interested and we can talk details.  


tharker said...

Wow! He got the coat from a bum...that is quite a story!

Look at you, Chelsea! You're a full fledged consultant! You're doing a great job!!

Marilyn said...

Chelsea, I am impressed. You are so smart. Seriously.

Jill said...

I can hardly wait to see the results.

brent and kashann said...

Good luck with this piece of work!