Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

Because of THIS
and THIS
and let's not forget THIS (just when I start feeling halfway normal again too!)
I have taken a big break from this blog.  I really do miss it.  Hopefully someday soon I can get back to it. and I'm wondering will you still be here?  For now, life has its priorities.

Please, please, please pray for my sweet niece Clara and her family.  Clara is a very sick little girl, and needs all of the love she can get.  I'm headed up to Spokane right now to give her a big kiss in her hospital bed, and take her lots of wonderful things from very generous people.  My heart is overwhelmed.


Monica Whitney said...

We'll still be here when you get back! And I'm sorry to hear about Clara. So sad.

Ask the Duplex

Katie said...

Hey, I was just heading over here to see if you were still doing this. No worries that you're taking a break! I started a decor/design (house reno) blog about a year ago, and my family just wasn't really ready for me to continue it. So...I stopped. Then a couple months ago, I talked to them about me revisiting the blogging world and everyone was ready to support me (www.blah2beautiful.blogspot.com) Anyways, just saying that someday you'll probably be ready to do it agian, untill then, follow what God and your family need you to do!!!

Unknown said...

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