Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Post: Laura Strycker

My name is Laura Strycker and I am a beautiful woman.  One week ago I did not see myself this way.  I have always had a good self esteem but I simply accepted that beauty was not one of my qualities.  This makeover didn't just give me a day relaxation and pampering, it changed the way I see myself, it helped me to realize I am beautiful.

My experience this past week is like a dream to me.  I didn't realize it would change me in this way.   First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me.  I truly appreciate it.  Secondly a sincere thank you to Chelsea who is the creator of this makeover.  You have helped rebuild my confidence in clothes shopping.  You have helped me to see that everyone is beautiful, some of us just need help finding this beauty.  You have given me a gift I will forever treasure, as well as your friendship..I have gained a friend in you and no longer a simple acquaintance ..that is priceless to me.

Obviously without the sponsor this would not have been possible.  I LOVE my new clothing and accessories and without your generous support it would not have been possible thanks to:

Conover Insurance- my accessories are sassy
Christensen, King Accountants- my clothes are stylin'
Lybbert Real Estate- I love my shoes, and thanks for coming to the reveal...I truly felt special
Angus Square Dental - my smile is awesome!  (I'm going in for a teeth cleaning today!)

Of course my facial, make-up, manicure, hair cut/color provided by Eden Day Spa.  You ladies are AWESOME..I felt like I have known you forever...you really put me at ease from the second I stepped foot into your building until the second I left.  I truly appreciate your services.  A special thank-you to Kristina and Kori!

To LeeAnn with Photography by Lee Ann  ..I was super nervous about this "photo shoot"..and you took the nerves out of me instantly.  You have a talent ..I felt instantly relaxed around you and felt calm, and the pictures turned out way better than I could ever imagine.

Richland Sterlings.  That dinner was AWESOME...the night manager Paul was awesome to sponsor a dinner for two..my husband and I LOVED their quick service and their wide selection of food choices..not to mention the food was outstanding.

A special thanks to my mother and father in law...Tim and Leslie Strycker for also sending Jon and I to the Olive Garden as part of the celebration.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.  A thanks to my parents Ken and Cherrie Gale for always telling me I am beautiful....I finally believe them.

Lastly, I take my husband for granted on a regular basis.  Through out the years of our marriage I gone up a few dress sizes and NOT once has he mentioned anything negative about my size or my appearance..He is truly my best friend and I love him with all of my heart...and of course Hannah and Grace...they are awesome girls!

Alright, I have gone on long enough...however I must say that I have to get up 30 minutes earlier now for getting hair and make up done.  I have a afternoon hair and make up check and another early evening (if we are going out) hair and make up touch up.  Maybe a bit extreme but what can I say?  I LOVE looking in the mirror...no doubt I will have to go shopping for spring time clothing as well, there are some items in my ward robe I don't think I will ever wear again...

Have a great week everyone!
Laura Strycker

Here are a couple of picture I took of Laura and her daughters at the reveal, when they saw each other for the first time.  Her youngest daughter didn't know what to think!  


Ashley said...

Laura, you look AMAZING!! I am so happy to hear that you finally see yourself as the beautiful woman everyone has always seen in you. You truly are a beautiful woman inside and out and a great friend! I am so happy that I was able to be at your reveal that was so neat. Congratulations on your new look. Chelsea you did an awesome job!! Me next?

tharker said...

I am ridiculously happy for you, Laura!!!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

That 2nd photo of you with your girl is so sweet! You look soooo happy! I don't know you at all, but I think you look fantastic! Be proud.

Holly & Matthew Blanchard said...

What a beautiful story Laura! You are beautiful inside and out and I am soooooooooo very happy for you! :)You totally deserve it my dear!!

I am so grateful to Chelsea and all those who made this possible! :) Hopefully this is a journal entry that will be passed onto generations in your family. :) Pivotal moments are so memorable! :) Love you!