Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girl's Weekend

I need to do a sponsor post, but I'm out of town for a long week and things have been busy, so I'll get to that soon.  This weekend my mom and sisters and I had a girl's weekend in Portland and I'm still here because my husband is here for work.  It was great because we had a place to stay for free.  I'm staying with my mother-in-law's while my husband is staying downtown for work.  I would go stay with him, which I had planned on doing, but I saw his hotel that they put him up at, and I decided I'd rather stay with my boys and mother-in-law.  It has rained, rained, rained while we've been here and rain makes me sleepy.  

While my mom and sisters were here, we shopped till we dropped.  Lots of great after Christmas bargains to be had.  We also helped ourselves to some frozen yogurt before they headed out of town.  Happy Birthday to both of my sisters today and tomorrow.

I've received my first makeover nomination, and it's a good one.  Are you thinking of who you could nominate?  Don't forget, you can nominate yourself.  I wish I already knew who the winner was because there are lots of great deals in this city.  For those new to the site, I narrow down all of the nominations to a top 5, and then the readers vote on the winner for the makeover.


anna said...

you girls are so gorgeous!!

Pamela said...

Hi Chelsea! It was so fun reading your comment on my blog. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

I love this picture of your family. So beautiful! And I'm still in love with your curls.

Next time your in town I want to learn more about your makeovers! So, so cool.