Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowed In

Today we are snowed in.  We won't be making it to Vancouver for Thanksgiving, which we are bummed about, but lucky for us, we have plenty of family here to chow-down with.  The boys and I are still in our jammies, and I'm praying nobody knocks on my door before I have a chance to go shower.  I think I'm safe today.  My oldest son is coloring pilgrims and turkeys, and my youngest son is shutting the laptop every 30 seconds, so I gotta make this quick.

I put together this style board for a client who is teaming up with other family members to surprise their sister/daughter/wife with her own postpartum makeover.  I have lined up the haircut/color and massage/facial at Eden Day Spa, and then later I will be going through her wardrobe and then we'll go shopping to pull everything together.

Mom on the Go!
Wouldn't you just love to wear this outfit?  I know I would!  Now, I just need to recreate it within my clients budget.  I put this together just as an idea (knowing many of the pieces were too pricey, but I love them) of what would look great on a mother of 5.

If you are also interested in giving a similar gift like this to your family members, please contact me at makeyouoverblog@gmail.com and I can put together your own custom package.  I'm also available for helping the man in your life find you the perfect gift, either online or if you're local I can pick it up, wrap it up, and drop it off!  Email me soon because my holidays are filling up quickly!


tharker said...

I would totally wear that outfit! You're making me wish that my snow hat wasn't a boring black one. Maybe I'll have to look at other colors...

SWIRL said...

don't you dare delete your blog!!! I can't believe you even said that!