Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Love My Hair

Thanks to my girl Sheryl, I was introduce to this video.  Sheryl is black, I am not (duh), although I really do feel like I have the same love/hate relationship with my hair that black people do.  Actually my dad has hair similar to black man's hair, it's pretty much the same, and my brother came home from his mission to Houston having the same hair, so maybe the family rumor is true.  If I were to explain my hair I would say that it is "mixed" hair.  Makes sense since my dad has black hair, and my mom doesn't, so I got the in between.

I remember when I was in college I would watch Sheryl wrap her hair in a silk cloth at night, and then go to sleep like that.  I also remember the first time we went extension shopping.  Boy was that eye opening.  She would also get packages in the mail with hair from her aunt back east.  Sheryl has her hair styled differently every time I see a picture of her, which I think is awesome.  I just wish I could get away with putting my hair in braids.

Lately I have been frustrated with my hair.  I think I want to grow it out but that freaks me out since I haven't had long hair since 2002, and my hair is completely different now since I've had kids.  It would take me forever to grow out too because curly hair takes twice as long to grow out....for obvious reasons.  The back is not near as curly and overall my hair has totally loosened it's curl (I used to cry everyday when I was pregnant with my first son because it was changing before my eyes).  I used to have the best curls in town....oh well.

Anyhow, I love this video, it makes me happy because I have crazy hair.  Thanks for sharing it with me Sheryl because I really do love my hair, I just need to figure out what to do with it!!!  

I really, really hope I have a daughter with crazy curly hair so we can fix it cool. One can only hope!

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Matt, Sarah, and Aubrey said...

I loved the video! So cute!
Also, when I was little, I dreamed of having curly hair.