Monday, October 4, 2010

Countdown to Genny's Makeover!

This morning was a quick "round two" of shopping for Genny's makeover.  Unfortunately the cute boots I got for her last week didn't fit, so I had to search today for some wider boots, and it was not easy.  I'm hoping that the shoes and accessories I picked up for her today work!

Genny's makeover begins tomorrow at 2 pm, and the photo shoot will begin around 5:30, if all goes as planned.  We are all very excited, but Genny is the most excited of everyone, so I can't wait for her to see her own transformation.

I received a donation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous for Genny's makeover, as well as a donation from Oakdell Egg Farms which will cover Genny's accessories.

Don't forget that Lybbert Real Estate will give you a $50 gift card if you buy or sell your house with them (or give a referal), and Eden Spa Spa and Hair Design will give you 10% off of your first new service with them.  Please use my sponsors because without them, I wouldn't be able to do what I do for the winners.  


Heather Lee said...

I just found your blog yesterday, but I have always been a huge fan of make-overs. When I was little I watched every "make-over" show that I could get my hands on. I loved to see people's transormation. I love this idea of a tween make-over. I don't know what resources you have out there, and you're almost out of time, but some stores that definitely have a teen vibe are ForeverXX1 and H&M. I think some of ForeverXX1's clothes need to be mixed with some "nicer" elements, but they would definitely add a little funk. I also search J.Crew's children's "looks" page because they style their kids so cute, and it would definitely translate into a tween scene. Just ideas. The outfits they come up with are great. A bit pricey, but I just mimick the look for my daughter. Good luck! Can't wait to see her transformation, sounds like she deserves it!
Also, I don't know what assistance you have, but I'd love to offer mine for free if you ever need a little online shopper.

Heather Lee said...

My blog is private, but you can email me at and I will send you an invite to my blog if you'd like to check out my style.