Monday, September 20, 2010

Teen Makeover TOP 5!

My apologies to any of the top 5 that I was not able to contact personally, but I tried calling or emailing each of you.  Voting will take place like last time, where you each can have one vote (only way to keep it fair).  The voting will go until Saturday at 5 pm.  Winner will be announced on Monday! 

Here are the entries that made it into the Top 5 Teen Make You Over Makeover Contest....
Genevieve (Genny)  is 15 years old Genny came to live with us January 12, 2010. She was pulled from her families care for some very extreme reasons. Genny was living with a mother who was/is a drug addict. Her mother was allowing homeless people to come in and out of her home. On many occasions Genny would wake with homeless people standing over her watching her sleep. Genny's father died in 2007 leaving her with her mother who was clearly not capable of caring for her. Genny started using drugs, only attending school 1 day a week at the most. She was on truancy and headed for detention. Genny found a homeless man in her basement doing drugs and other unimaginable things. Genny called CPS. Thankfully CPS placed her in our care. When Genny came to live with us she had gorgeous red hair that she dyed black, roots showing,eye brow, piercing, lip piercing and gages in her ears. She was wearing Gothic looking clothes. Genny switched schools and decided time for a change. Genny has made a 150% improvement. Genevieve is now attending school everyday and passing her classes, removed all piercings, and ditched the Gothic look. Genny really wants a girly look. Genny wants to be adopted. We love Genny and want to adopt her if the courts allow. We have had 63 children in our home in 4.5 years. Genny is by far the best child we have ever had in our home and truly deserves this make over with everything she has gone through and all the changes she has made on her own.

I am excited to nominate my daughter: Madison. She is a 19 year old sophomore at BYU-I... that still wears clothes from middle school. I love my daughter and get to see her beauty as it radiates from her wit and charm but I fear others miss out on it because she dresses down so often. Madison and I bought her a new outfit for job hunting last week and it amazed me how great she looked. She has a nice shape and pretty hair... just doesn't know how to dress her shape or make her hair look its best. I OFTEN offer to take her shopping for something new.. shoes, shirts, skirts, pants... the answer is always NO. If I do get her to the store we often leave in tears because the clothes don't fit right, she gets frustrated with the whole process or the sizes are bigger then she thinks she is. I try to tell her it doesn't matter your size, just have clothes that fit and you can look on the outside as happy and beautiful that you feel in the inside. Madison is an angel to me and I'd LOVE her to get this makeover so she and others can see her real beauty more often. I think someone helping guide her could benefit her not just today but into the future. Please pick my Madison!!!

Hi there! I'd like to nominate my 14 year old daughter Alyssa. She is an amazing young women. Alyssa has a lot of self esteem issues, which is one of the reasons I think she deserves this the most. She has a huge heart for people and especially those that other people make fun of or go unnoticed by other kids. She is extremely bright and LOVES to sing (she has a beautiful voice). Alyssa has one older brother and two younger brothers as well. She does a lot to help our family around the house, which includes watching her younger brothers for me when I'm at school. Alyssa is a very active young women, she enjoys playing school sports like volley ball, basketball and soft ball. Our family has been living on one income for the past three years as I have pursued my Nursing degree, which has lead to make fund tight and therefore we are unable to do extra stuff for any of the kids. Alyssa is the only girl in the family and I feel she has been such a blessing to those around her that she deserves some extra special treatment. She doesn't think she is pretty and she has always felt that people don't like her because she struggles with her weight (although I think she's beautiful and perfect in my eyes! She is a very tall girl for her age). Thank you for considering my AMAZING daughter for this contest!

Cherie is my 16 year old Sister-in-law. She actually just turned 16, and you know what that means… DATING, and school dances! Her older sister has been out of the house for almost 10 years…so she really hasn’t had the help of an older sister with makeup and fashion. I think this makeover would be the perfect way to help her transition into the dating scene. You always have a ton more fun when you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, and I think a good makeover would do that for her! Plus what 16 year old doesn’t need a little help in the makeup department!  Cherie also has to purchase most of her own clothes. Her closet is filled with lots and lots of hand me downs. I think a few NEW fashionable outfits would put a little skip in her step! She is VERY grateful for the things she has, but I just remember getting a brand spanking new outfit for that first date, and feeling on top of the world. Cherie was chosen to be in the school choir this year. She just informed me that she may be singing the National Anthem, solo, at one of their home football games. It would be great if she were able to walk onto the field with confidence and sing her heart out. Mostly, I just love Cherie and I think this would be very fun and beneficial for her!
I want to nominate Katie my daughter! She is an amazing person & a good friend to many! She is always trying to help others! She has helped her friends with hair and make-up for special occasions! Katie works with special needs kids at the High school & during the summer as well! She truly loves them! I think that it would be awesome for her to get the chance to be the one getting the help & special treatment!! I think she is a beautiful girl but she doesn't believe me, she thinks that I have to say that because "I'm her Mom!" I think that something like this could really help her with her confidence! She deserves it!! I would love to see her get the opportunity!! Please consider Katie for your make over!! Katie is a senior at Pasco High School and is attending CBC.


NaDell said...

It's so hard to decide between five! I hope the one I voted for wins! Good job, Chelsea!

Kati said...

I think all the girls here deserve a makeover! I am having the hardest time deciding... Thanks for doing all this Chelsea!

tharker said...

These girls all sound so amazing! I voted, and can't wait to see who wins!!

CK said...

Wow! What beautiful girls!!!!