Monday, June 7, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Right now I'm working with a couple of clients to revamp their wardrobes and give them a fresh new look. I had a husband contact me last week via the blog because he wanted to surprise his wife with her very own makeover.  I set her up with a haircut and color at EdenCrest for next week, and this week I will be doing a wardrobe consultation followed up with a shopping trip.  On Friday he surprised her with four style boards I created along with the plans for her mini-makeover.  From the sounds of things, she is very excited!  I can't wait to meet her tomorrow and get started on her new look.  I'll tell you what, her husband is a smart man!  I love that he's doing this for his wife.

I'm also working with an expectant mom who's feeling in a rut, and wants to carry her baby in style.  I think it's so important to feel good when your expecting, so I'm glad that she's making the commitment to feel great during these next coming months.  I tried to cater this outfit around her personal style.  I hope she likes it!  I love that TOPSHOP has a maternity line.  I used to shop there when I lived in London, and I'm glad to know they are in the US now.
Bun in the Oven
Please contact me at for e-consulting or local consulting rates.  I will create a package that works with your budget and lifestyle.  Also, let me make it clear, I do not try to make my clients look and dress like me.  Why would I want to push my style on someone else?  Individuality is important to me, and hopefully to you!  


tharker said...

Such a cute outfit! Thank heavens for cute maternity clothes!

lovely lindsay said...

love that dress. and the sandals!
more "bun in the oven" posts, please.
love, lindsay