Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo and Phone Number Requests

When sending a photo, please make sure that it is a full body shot (or close to it), and that there are not other adults in the photo (For those who have already submitted, I will do my best to crop).  I'm getting quite a few "group photos" and people are having to explain who is who.  It will be easiest for me, and for those voting if it is an individual photo of the person being submitted. The photo should be a current photo as well.  

Also, if you could, please send your phone numbers in the email (I should have asked for that earlier).  I will need to call all of the 5 finalists to verify their information on Monday.

On a completely unrelated note, my birthday is coming up next month, and I'm pretty sure I'd love to get this dress from Anthropologie.  I won't hold my breath!

1 comment:

Kimberly Congdon said...

Oh yes, I love that dress and Anthropologie is such an amazing store! If only I could shop there every day!